16 April 2007


Today I have signed up for ClixSense. This is a website where you make an account then you click to show you webpages. The page must stay open for 30 seconds and then you get paid for viewing it. This can be between 1 cent and $5 per page!

Click Here To Sign Up <----- This is an affiliate sign up link

Tom Boyd

15 April 2007

Your Blogs Image - Are you in control?

You have all heard of 'brand image' but have you thought about your blog image ?

Blog Image

The way your blog is viewed by people can be very important. It's what you want your viewers to believe about you and your blog. So it's up to you to give this some thought and decided how you want to be portrayed to the world. Some images are true, some half-true others are simply half-formed impressions. The idea is not to deceive but to exploit your blogs strengths as well as your own.

The Blogs Personality

This includes everything about the blog and the way it's viewed by the public. Including all of its qualities, Real or imaginary, good or bad. So important are brands they now add real value to a site or blog. The Name of a blog may be the brand therefore you should consider the associations that go with it. Big companies spend thousands or even millions a year on developing there image and the way people think of them. Perhaps you to should spend sometime developing yours?

Everyone has an Image

Whether you like it or not you already have an image. The question is what kind of image is it? Good, bad or otherwise. So many things contribute to your image. The way your blog looks, how you respond to emails, your posts on forums, the design of your logo. You might be surprised to find that a successful blog with well-written posts and professional image is in fact being run by a young kid in their spare time. It's up to you to take control of yours.

What you can do to improve your image?

Take some time to plan how you want to be viewed. Write a statement of what you want your viewers to believe about your blog and its image and how you will set about making them believe it. Take your time to answer e-mail’s and try and be as helpful as you can. When posting on forums set the right image post things that improve the quality of a topic. Think about the way your blog looks. Perhaps ask some close friends or family to take a look at your blog and tell you what they like about it and what jumps out as out of place or annoying. Then set about improving it and tweaking it. Your Image is an on going thing and its up to you to manage it and make sure it’s the image you want!

Good luck with your blogs

Tom Boyd

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Making Money Online

Trying to make money blogging is just about every bloggers goal. I have decided that the topic of this blog was a bit vague. It was about me managing my websites. I feel this is not much use to others so now I will blog about ways to make extra income.

I will still be writing about my websites and how well there doing and what I'm up to but I will focus more on how you can use the information yourself to make money.

Any Feedback on this idea is welcome

Tom Boyd

14 April 2007

Advertising online business can be tricky

Advertising online business can be tricky.

These days most people seem to ignore graphical banners. Their eyes simply ignore them. This is known as 'Banner Blindness'. Its becoming harder and harder to get clicks in this way.

Text Adverts

These seem to be the current trend to advertise on websites. Google AdSense and the like all use this method. But I do wonder how long until people start totally ignoring these too ?

Text Links

You can normally contact the site or blog owner and offer them something in return for a link.
Most people either agree on a link exchange where both parties link to each other. Some sites
charge a fee for link.


Getting people to review your site or blog can also be a good way to get your name out there. People often offer to review blogs but at a cost. Some will do a review exchange where you simply review each other’s sites.

Ad Tracking

It's a good idea to track how well different advertising methods work. Google Adsense and the like have built in ad tracking software which when you log in displays how well your doing. For other banners and general link exchanges you can track where the click came from or who clicked a link on your site.

Page Rank

Your page rank is how google ranks your site. The more links to your site the better. The higher rank the page linking to you has the more it will help your ranking. The higher your rank the higher up you will appear in the search results.

I hope this has helped explain some basic advertising methods.

If you have any questions feel free to send me comment

Tom Boyd

Update #3

Ok Here is a list of stuff I have done

  • Worked out how to get my google ad's at the top of my page which is great.
  • I have moved the The Tom Boyd Project £1-100k to its own blog.
  • Submited this blog to about 10 website directories
  • Added some more link swaps to my links section.
  • Started reading my marketing books.
I will be working on my bass blog when I get chance I feel this site can be a success with some time and effort.

Not been online much today but watch this space! lots of exciting things in the pipeline.

Take care

Tom Boyd

13 April 2007

The Tom Boyd Project Starting With £1 and Turning it into £100,000

Edit: I am moving 'The Tom Boyd Project' over to http://1-100k.blogspot.com/

This blog will go back to being about my Journey of developing websites and blogs.

Here is my plan. I recently read a site about turning nothing into $1 Million.
(Has anyone ever got there ? I think the furtherest person I found is on a few $100)

You have to start by finding a penny on the floor and then doubling it till you get the end of the goal.

But I'm doing it my own way. I'm going to start with £1 of my own money. I'm going to 'double' my way to my goal of £100,000.

So starting with my £1 I will then double it to £2.00 then to £4.00 and so on and not to a million $ either but to £100,000 (Just under 200,000 USD) this is obviously less but I feel a more achievable goal.

It will be called 'The Tom Boyd Project'

I will track my progress on this blog.

Steps needed

1) £1 - £2
2) £2 - £4
3) £4 - £8
4) £8 - £16
5) £16 - £32
6) £32 - £64
7) £64 - £128
8) £128 - £256
9) £256 - £512
10) £512 - £1,024
11) £1,024 - £2,048
12) £2,048 - £4,096
13) £4,096 - £8,192
14) £8,192 - £16,384
15) £16,384 - £32,768
16) £32,768 - £65,336
17) £65,336 - £100,000 (Here I won't need to double as I hit my goal.)

Wish me luck!

Tom Boyd

12 April 2007

Two New Marketing Books

Today I bought two new books.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This seems like a really good book it even has a CD with it and 2 chapters all about web marketing.

Cost: £1.48

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=

This one looks like more of a general marketing guide.

Cost: £0.99

Both really good value for money from my local charity book shop.

I will be reviewing these books once I have read them.

Tom Boyd